About the Project

Global Plastic Laws is a collaborative project managed by Plastic Pollution Coalition, with key partners Break Free From Plastic Europe, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, and Surfrider Foundation U.S.

The Global Plastic Laws Database is a global portal and resource library for policymakers, organizations, and advocates focused on policy addressing the full life cycle of plastics. 

This important tool is also useful for businesses and banks to find and understand current plastic regulation in the areas they work; educators, students, and researchers studying plastic policy; humanitarian organizations planning disaster response; and journalists covering plastic pollution and policy.

The Global Plastic Laws Database will be invaluable during the UN Global Plastics Treaty negotiation process, by making plastic legislation across all jurisdictions visible and accessible to the negotiators. Following agreement and adoption of the UN Plastics Treaty, the Database will be useful to support its implementation and then necessary to track and monitor its implementation.

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Plastic Pollution Coalition provides strategic leadership and development for the Global Plastic Laws Database and works closely with three Core Data Partners to track and update legislative data from around the world. Each data partner brings local, on-the-ground networks from across a diverse range of geographies so that the legislative data and resources are accurate, timely, and relevant to a wide range of political and legislative systems. Collectively, the data partners represent combined data from approximately 115 (out of a total of approximately 195) countries in the world.

Project Manager

PPC is the project manager for the Global Plastic Laws Database. PPC is a non-profit communications and advocacy organization that collaborates with an expansive global alliance of organizations, businesses, and individuals to create a more just, equitable, regenerative world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Founded in 2009, PPC is the first and most established organization focused solely on plastic pollution. Today, with thousands of members in 75 countries, PPC provides a broad tent for partners and allies to join together, change business as usual, and support policy and legislation to stop plastic pollution.

Data Partners

As part of its collective work, the BFFP movement in Europe monitors legislation relevant to plastic along its life cycle and works with policymakers in countries across Europe and at the European Union (EU) level to design and deliver policy solutions for a future that is free from plastic pollution. The BFFP movement in Europe brings together more than 120 core members, including the Rethink Plastic alliance, which gathers 10 leading NGO working together to secure ambitious EU plastic policies. Zero Waste Europe hosts the BFFP Europe coordination team and acts as a fiscal sponsor for the BFFP Europe movement and the Rethink Plastic alliance. Partners in Europe include the Alianza Residuo Cero, Ecorec, Ekologi brez meja, Exit Plastik, Let’s Do It Foundation Estonia, Plastic Change, Recycling Netwerk Benelux, VOICE, Sciaena, Zelena Akcija, ZERO and Zero Waste France.

The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) tracks and updates a significant proportion of the global legislative activity outside the U.S. and Europe. ELAW helps communities speak out for clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet. We are a global alliance of attorneys, scientists, and other advocates collaborating across borders in more than 80 countries to build a sustainable, just future.

Surfrider Foundation tracks and updates all single-use plastic legislative activity in the U.S. Surfrider has over 170 volunteer-led chapters and student clubs in the U.S., and this extensive network helps to ensure the Database will have the most comprehensive U.S. data on single-use plastic legislation across all 50 states.